Suggested Donations:

Listed below are suggested donations which is same for memebers, non-memebrs and all cultural particiapants. Donation includes prasad, lunch, dinner and all cultural event and programmes

BNE holds the status of a non-profict organization under section 501(3)(c). All donation amounts are tax-deductible upto the limit permissible by law. A portion of your donation goes to charitable origanization as per the 501(3)(C) rules

BNE's Tax ID is 263941179

  *** If paying through PayPal (see link below), please kindly add $3 to your total donation amount for the transaction fee. ***

Donation Category 2 Days Saturday Sunday
  At The Gate (Early Bird Special)
 Family (with children)  $200 ($185)  $130 ($120)  $140 ($130)
 Couple  $180 ($170)  $120 ($110)  $130 ($120)
 Single  $130 ($125)  $90  $100
 Student with ID (Family)  $150 ($140)  $100 ($95)  $120 ($110)
 Student with ID (Single)  $100 ($95)  $70  $75
 Visiting Parent (each)  $40  $20  $20
 Stalls  $200 ($190)  $100  $100
 Event Tickets Only (Sudesh Bhosle - Live)   Ticket: $35   Send Email:

  • Early Bird Special prices (in red) is valid from Sep 3rd - Sep 20th, 2019
  • For patrons who avail the Early Bird Special prices, your registration packet will be available at the front-desk when you arrive at the venue.
  • All Donations (as described above) covers debi-darshan, prasad, lunch, dinner along with attendance of cultural programs and live events of overseas artist
  • !!! All donation payments are non-refundable !!!
  • Payment Options:

    Personal Check

    Make checks payable to "BNE" and write your email address (we will use this to send you the receipt confirmation) and number of adult and kids and mail them to the following address:

    Mrs. Sudipa Deshmukh
    13 Seasons Lane,
    Londonderry, NH - 03053


    Use the button below to pay your donation using PayPal. *** Please kindly add $3 to your total donation amount for the transaction fee ***